The world is full of wonders. Beautifully crafted wonders. So intricate is the creative hand that penned this world. You would think to know the author, the painter, the creator would be as difficult as finding a four leaf clover. Well fortunately for you and I, it isn't. I have been given the gift to know the Creator of the Universe, to live to serve Him, and to see his design unfold through the lens of my life. I am Alexa. Jesus lover. Nomad. Weirdo. Artist. The list goes on.

I have only begun to unfold the story of my life. Why? Because it only really began in 2010. The year that Jesus took me out of a treacherous pit and brought me into his marvelous family. I am now a daughter of the Most High God. A real live princess given a mission to share some good news! As a matter of fact, it is great news. Like EPIC news! God came to earth in the form of man, lived a perfect life, healed the sick, helped the poor in spirit, was tormented, hung on a cross, died, raised up after three days, and ascended into heaven.

Now let's be clear, many things happened in between of that…but why is this great news? Because he did all of this for us! Little old you and I! He did it so we could be in a relationship with Him. We deserved eternal punishment. Let's face it, no one has lived a perfect and sinless life. He paid the price for our sins and now we have the opportunity to intimately know the Creator of the Universe. This isn't the end of the story. Coming to this realization was only the beginning for me. 

Now armed with a bible, a guitar, and a Now armed with a bible, a guitar, and a voice, I want to continue this journey with YOU! You down? Cool.......

Alexa Vaughn