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About Us

Girls and Guitars Official LLC is a 3 fold women's organization for singer-songwriters who have a desire to master the guitar as their native instrument. The driving force behind our rising platform is music education, special events, and community enrichment. We exist to empower and equip women to turn their passion for music into a lucrative music career 6 strings at a time.

A study done by Fender found that women account for 50% of all beginners and aspiring guitar players. It’s encouraging to see this rise. Traditionally the guitar has been a male dominated instrument, but Girls and Guitars Official exists to change that narrative. We recognize that targeted resources, programming, and a community for women guitarists are needed now more than ever to help them improve their guitar chops while becoming well rounded musicians and artists.

Girls and Guitars is a response to a desire to grow and shape a community of confidently gifted musicians who want to put honest, uplifting music out into the world.  Our initiative is to help artists thrive and launch out boldly, providing them access to educational resources and events that are uniquely created to empower women guitarists.

Our vision is blooming and we appreciate you joining us on this journey. We invite your prayers, encouragement, and engagement as we do our part to build a sisterhood of women changing the face of music.