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She Plays To Win

Girls and Guitars Official is empowering and equipping female singer-songwriter/guitarists to turn their 6 string passion into a fulfilling music career through music education, special events, and a unique community of like-minded musicians.



We're building an online educational platform called Girls and Guitars University to provide aspiring and blooming female artist/musicians with access to women-curated music and artist development tools and resources to help them develop into professional musicians ready to take advantage of every opportunity afforded them. Our more long term goal is to open a music venue and educational facility that houses all of our educational and showcase ventures. 


Recently Fender released an article that highlighted the fact that 50% of new guitar players are girls and women. Girls and Guitars Official sees this as an opportunity to shape a unique community that provides women focused educational tools, safe spaces, resources, and the connections needed to turn their 6 string passion into a fulfilling music career. We further aim to use our platform to help women of color soar within the guitar world and to equip female guitarists to become mentors for the next generation of female artist/musicians.


We appreciate you joining us on this exciting journey. We welcome your support in any facet such as liking and sharing our posts on social media or becoming a sponsor.